Design Gigs for Good is a labor of love from two gals who really really believe in using design to make things better out there.


The job board was started in 2017 by two design friends — Mollie Ruskin and Sarah Fathallah — who have spent their careers working in non-profit, international development, tech and government design. They’d been hired, hired other designers, done contract work, and helped organizations grow their design muscles from all angles.

After noticed a growing interest in designers turning to social impact work, and organizations looking to grow their design capacity, they created a free international jobs list to help accelerate all this design goodness.

A vibrant community had emerged and interest in more connection arose. In spring of 2019, a Slack community was created to spark more connection and support between seasoned and newby designers-for-good alike.



A few definitions
(for our purposes)


“Design” =

All fields and disciplines of design, not limited to but including:

> Design/user research
> Design strategy
> Service design
> Interaction design / UX / IA
> Product design
> Communication design / Graphic design
> Illustration
> Content design

“Social change” =

Working toward some kind of world betterment, through means such as:

> Advocacy & organizing
> Direct service
> Philanthropy
> Government reform
> International development
> Social enterprise
> Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
> journalism




Mollie Ruskin

Mollie is an independent designer with a focus on social justice work. She has a hard time picking which design tools she likes the best — she has been called a user researcher, visual designer, service designer, product manager, creative lead, UX designer and an activist.    

Mollie was a founding member of the US Digital Service in the Obama White House, working to improve the government’s ability to deliver human-centered services for the American people. She worked on a wide array of efforts — from creating the government's first digital web design standards to improving how low-income Americans apply and enroll in public assistance programs.

Before this, she served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, where she led a human-centered design project to improve Veterans’ experiences with VA services.

Mollie sits on the board of the Alliance for Youth Action, a national network of organizations building political power of young people in the U.S.

Check out some of her work over at ru-design.org .



Sarah Fathallah

Sarah is a Moroccan social designer and researcher, who specializes in applying community- and human-centered design to local and global development. She has worked on projects of all sizes with non-profits, governments, and social enterprises, on topics ranging from civil and human rights, to healthcare and education, financial inclusion and consumer protection, and media development.

Her clients have included the World Bank, the International Rescue Committee, Open Society Foundations, Population Services International, Internews, Bread for the City, Safe Horizon, and Democracy Works, to name a few.

In her spare time, you will find Sarah volunteering as a teacher, a translator, or a crisis mapper. Most recently, she co-founded Design Gigs for Good, a job board listing opportunities at the intersection of design and social impact.

Sarah is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris, where she studied International Business and Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Affairs. She also studied design innovation at the Paris Est d.school, User Experience design at General Assembly, and Participatory Design at MIT.

You can see more of her work at sarahfathallah.com


(Not to shamelessly promote ourselves or anything, but hey speaking of jobs, we're both on the market).